Zora Neuro Spa: Your Destination for Chronic Pain Relief

Zora Neuro Spa is your haven for conquering the challenges of chronic pain. Guided by Carey Crill, PMHNP-C, PNP-C, our clinic excels in blending mental health expertise with advanced pain management techniques.

About Carey Crill

With over 20 years of experience, Carey Crill has been at the forefront of mental health care. Her recent certification from the Integrative Psychiatric Institute has enabled her to offer ketamine therapy—a transformative treatment for those with treatment-resistant Depression, Migraines, AnxietyOCDPTSD, and particularly, chronic pain.

Our Chronic Pain Treatment Services

At Zora Neuro Spa, we understand that chronic pain can overshadow every aspect of life. That’s why we provide ketamine infusion for chronic pain, offering a new lease on life for our patients.

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ketamine infusion for chronic pain near me

Why Ketamine Infusion?

Ketamine infusion stands out as a chronic pain treatment due to its rapid and effective relief. As a leading chronic pain treatment center, we ensure that our therapies are administered with the utmost care, providing a path to recovery and well-being.

Experience the Difference

Join the community of individuals who have found solace at Zora Neuro Spa. Our treatments are more than just procedures; they are steps towards a pain-free life. Reach out to us to explore how our chronic pain treatment options can transform your daily experience.